17 de maio de 2009

Terminator Salvation

Como as coisas andam mornas e não há muito tempo para novos posts, aqui vai uma "pérola" de Christian Bale sobre o novo Terminator (a estrear em Portugal a 4 de Junho):

I went, "No, I don't even have to read this." I just thought, the mythology is dead. I mean, I did flick through (the script), because you can always be surprised. But I wasn't surprised by what I read in that one(...).
I had people telling me, "Don't do it, Christian. Don't go with that guy." In a strange way, I like the fact that he keeps that name because it does him no friggin' favors. But people hear it and they go, "Fuck him!" People were telling me, "Christian, you're too good for Terminator." And I'm thinking, "I'm too good?" I'm not a snob. I really fucking enjoy watching a good action movie. Who do you think I am?!

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